Have you ever tried to vertically align a horizontal arrangement of list items, such as a row of horizontal menu items? Did you end up pulling your hair and giving up? The fact is, block items (as defined as such in CSS) are not meant to be vertically aligned, at least not with default styling.

The solution is a return to tables ... well, kinda sort of.

Try the following...then glue your hair back on!


  <li><a href="/">Link 1</a></li>

  <li><a href="/">Link 2</a></li>

To-Go Menu

Have you ever wanted to have a menu item open in a new window, when clicked? The standard menu dialog does not offer the option of a target for the menu link. So, what to do? A little jQuery magic!

Awake Now

Tac has finally woken from his Rip Van Rhino nap that left the site vacant of blog posts for so long. Prepare for a building flood of them, many of which were bookmarked but unfinished. 
Now, it's time to get Tac a shave and an IV of coffee.


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