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Recently, I had the need to format a single content type's teaser differently depending on where it was presented.



    To-Go Menu

    Have you ever wanted to have a menu item open in a new window, when clicked? The standard menu dialog does not offer the option of a target for the menu link. So, what to do? A little jQuery magic!

    Awake Now

    Tac has finally woken from his Rip Van Rhino nap that left the site vacant of blog posts for so long. Prepare for a building flood of them, many of which were bookmarked but unfinished. 
    Now, it's time to get Tac a shave and an IV of coffee.

    It is becoming ever more popular for agencies to insist on your being paid as a W-2 rather than a 1099. Does it matter? Oh, yeah! 

    D8 - An Introductory Summary

    If you're wondering about what version 8 of Drupal will bring in the way of changes, here is a summary. I would encourage you to look to look here for more information, and this article by Jeff Eaton.

    Maturity is great, to a point, for wine, cheese and men, but not something with a version number like jQuery 1.2.6.

    The results of the 1-minute Drupal Poll #1 are in. Thank you to all who participated. Poll #2 should be out shortly.


    You Have Some Options

    Implementing Option-only Pricing in Drupal Commerce (D7)

    Drupal Commerce can be confusing to get one's arms around, even if (or especially if) coming from using Ubercart or some other relatively point-and-click cart. I recently had the need to do something I considered a simple requirement, and having retail experience, something intrinsic to most catalogs: products with option-only pricing.

    Have you moved a Drupal site to another server and received the error 'The directory sites/default/files is not writable' ?  The site worked on the previous server, and the permissions seem the same. Ah, an easy fix...make the permissions for the files directory 777. Noooo...


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