D7 Views Cookbook Revised!

Drupal 7 Views Cookbook has been fully revised and painstakingly tested, and will soon be released. Those who purchased the original version in electronic or print format from Packt Publishing will be able to obtain this revised edition in electronic form at no cost from your account.

Project Node Theme Revised

It took far too long, but I've finally posted a 7.x update for project Node Theme at
Node Theme is used to control which theme a given path will use. "Node Theme" is a bit of a misnomer, a holdover from 6.x. It can be used to record the theme choice for any path on the site, and will seamlessly switch the rendering to that theme when the page is requested. 

Finally! Drupal 7 Views Cookbook has been fully revised and is currently undergoing technical testing and editing. There will be a special offer for those who purchased the original. Stay tuned!

Packt's Offer for Drupal Users

Packt Publishing recently launched a campaign that is exclusive to Drupal users. Packt is offering a time-limited discount on their 3 Packt Drupal Mini books. Visit their website for more information.

Team Coco nominated for Emmy

UPDATE - Team Coco lost ... to the Oscars! Yes, the Motion Pucture Academy won an Emmy. 'Nuff said.

Team Coco Digital has been nominated for the Emmy in Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media! Months of worthwhile work!

Packt launched their Bestselling Open Source Books Offer. Buy any of the books mentioned there and get 20% off the print book and 30% off the eBook version.

The Farmisht Freelancer online

my column in print magazine, Drupal Watchdog. Issue 1 of the column, Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse (Sense) is online now!

Boxgroove module released

Boxgroove is a marketing service focused on the golf industry. It provides a click-thru service. The click-thru passes a query string value. This module embeds that value in Boxgroove tracking javascript, along with the order value, on the order confirmation page. When a cart is created for the user, the query string value is stored in the db. Should the user eventually check out, that value is retrieved. More information and a download link can be found on the project page.

The first commit was posted of the contributed Drupal module Ubercart Gateway Mediation. This module allows an Ubercart store to make use of multiple gateways by providing the mediation to pass card purchases to the appropriate gateway based on the card type.

J. Ayen Green has begun work on Drupal 7 Views Recipes...

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