Omitting Drupal's admin overlay from selectors

I had an issue recently, where I was using a selector to add menu tabs to the edge of the content area. Getting them to appear wasn't the issue. Getting them NOT to appear on admin overlays was.
The body class on which my selector was based didn't change when an admin overlay covered the page. It was still .front. So, how to do the equivalent of the following pseudo-code?
if body class = front but not an admin overlay?
What DOES change in the markup is the html tag. It has the class

What a difference a space makes

Sometimes you need your selector to look for two classes...but what do you do when both classes are for the same element?
In normal circumstances, you might be looking to select class=red and class=blue
<div class="red">
  <div class="blue">
and would use the selector
$('.red .blue')
However, if you need to select the element that has both red and blue as its classes
<div class="red blue">