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Implementing Option-only Pricing in Drupal Commerce (D7)

Drupal Commerce can be confusing to get one's arms around, even if (or especially if) coming from using Ubercart or some other relatively point-and-click cart. I recently had the need to do something I considered a simple requirement, and having retail experience, something intrinsic to most catalogs: products with option-only pricing.

A project manager walks into a bar...

It can be a difficult task to boil down a complex topic into something understandable to the newbie. While multi-site configuration is fairly simplistic for experienced Drupalers, it is a broad and complex topic to master. Let’s face it, the bulk of multi-sites IS configuration. There isn’t a pretty UI waiting at the finish line to reward the reader with an easy chapter or two. In Drupal 7 Multi-sites ConfigurationMatt Butcher has done a splendid job...

Packt's Offer for Drupal Users

Packt Publishing recently launched a campaign that is exclusive to Drupal users. Packt is offering a time-limited discount on their 3 Packt Drupal Mini books. Visit their website for more information.

Have you moved a Drupal site to another server and received the error 'The directory sites/default/files is not writable' ?  The site worked on the previous server, and the permissions seem the same. Ah, an easy fix...make the permissions for the files directory 777. Noooo...


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