D7 Views Cookbook released

There was a time not too long ago that I thought this book would never make it to the shelves...

Team Coco nominated for Emmy

UPDATE - Team Coco lost ... to the Oscars! Yes, the Motion Pucture Academy won an Emmy. 'Nuff said.

Team Coco Digital has been nominated for the Emmy in Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media! http://teamcoco.com/video Months of worthwhile work!

Packt launched their Bestselling Open Source Books Offer. Buy any of the books mentioned there and get 20% off the print book and 30% off the eBook version.

The Farmisht Freelancer online

my column in print magazine, Drupal Watchdog. Issue 1 of the column, Don't Put the Cart Before the Horse (Sense) is online now!

A Rush to Drush

A colleague of mine recently discovered the numerous benefits of using Drush to manage Drupal implementations and was anxious to rock and roll. That point is often where the line in the sand forms. On one side is the interest in using it&emdash;after all, with one command you can update your core and modules, push a database, etc.&emdash;on the other side of the line is installing a Linux utility outside the comfort of the Drupal admin panel. Prepare to jump over the line!


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