To-Go Menu

Have you ever wanted to have a menu item open in a new window, when clicked? The standard menu dialog does not offer the option of a target for the menu link. So, what to do? A little jQuery magic!

1. Inspect the menu item, or view the page source, and find it's id...something like this:

<div id="menu-231">
  <a href="wherever">My menu link</a>


2. Add the following snippet to your theme. How you will add it depends...see the footnote at the end:

Awake Now

Tac has finally woken from his Rip Van Rhino nap that left the site vacant of blog posts for so long. Prepare for a building flood of them, many of which were bookmarked but unfinished. 
Now, it's time to get Tac a shave and an IV of coffee.

(W-2) Freelancing - Be careful how you cast!

It is becoming ever more popular for agencies to insist on your being paid as a W-2 rather than a 1099. Does it matter? Oh, yeah! 

Sure, it's just a project. 3-months. 6-months, so evern though you're receiving a W-2, you're not really an employee, right? Wrong. The situation is temporary, but that just means you're a temporary employee. As far as the IRS is concerned, if you receive a W-2 you are an employee. There are 'test' scenarios to determine if you are really a contractor when receiving a 1099, but when you're being paid via W-2, the guessing has been removed.