I was recently working on a custom Drupal 6.x module that needs to create a custom content type with fields upon installation. I did quite a bit of hunting for how best to do this. There are a few different approaches, including using the Features module, or having my module do all the node and db handling, etc. I decided to use the export and import features of CCK, and it's very easy to do. Here is a link to the handbook page at DO that explains how to do it.

When the request came for me to review Drupal 6: Panels Cookbook by Bhavin (Vin) Patel, I was excited. I've been a software developer forever, a Web developer for as long as there's been a Web, and a Drupal developer since D6 was imminent. I have two Drupal books myself, and am working one about D7 Views, but with all that, one glaring hole in my self-education has been Panels; it would be my first chance to use it.

Are you stymied by mydomain.com and www. mydomain.com ending up in different places, even though they should not?

I received a 'love letter' from my hosting provider: you have too many tables in your databases and are negatively impacting performance. You have 14 days to correct this or we will take your firstborn...or something to that effect.

Boxgroove module released

Boxgroove is a marketing service focused on the golf industry. It provides a click-thru service. The click-thru passes a query string value. This module embeds that value in Boxgroove tracking javascript, along with the order value, on the order confirmation page. When a cart is created for the user, the query string value is stored in the db. Should the user eventually check out, that value is retrieved. More information and a download link can be found on the project page.


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