Drupal 7

Recently, I had the need to format a single content type's teaser differently depending on where it was presented.



    To-Go Menu

    Have you ever wanted to have a menu item open in a new window, when clicked? The standard menu dialog does not offer the option of a target for the menu link. So, what to do? A little jQuery magic!

    You Have Some Options

    Implementing Option-only Pricing in Drupal Commerce (D7)

    Drupal Commerce can be confusing to get one's arms around, even if (or especially if) coming from using Ubercart or some other relatively point-and-click cart. I recently had the need to do something I considered a simple requirement, and having retail experience, something intrinsic to most catalogs: products with option-only pricing.

    Have you moved a Drupal site to another server and received the error 'The directory sites/default/files is not writable' ?  The site worked on the previous server, and the permissions seem the same. Ah, an easy fix...make the permissions for the files directory 777. Noooo...

    D7 Views Cookbook released

    There was a time not too long ago that I thought this book would never make it to the shelves...


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