D7 Views Cookbook - errata

References to Node: xxxxx  as a field name throughout this chapter should instead be Content: xxxxx
References to an OK button should be Apply button
The text of the Apply button following the word 'Apply' may vary from what is given

Chapter 1

Selecting recent comments for a specific node type

Getting ready
Page 6
3. Click on the down arrow next to the link and click Clone
4. Enter Article Comments Recent as the view name and click Apply
5. Click the Edit view name/description link at the top right of the page and enter Display comments for recent articles as the View description
6. Click the Apply button
7. Click on the Save button at the top of the page

How to do it...
2. Click on the add link in the Filter criteria box
3. A dialog box titled Add filter criteria will open
4. In the Filter select box, choose Content
5. Scroll down to the Content: Type checkbox and check it; click on the Add (all displays) button to reveal the configuration box for the filter
6. [correct as printed]
7. Makre sure that Content is shown in the Relationshiop select box. Now click on the Add (all displays) button
8. Click on the Title link in the Title box and change the title to Recent article comments and then click on the Apply (all displays) button
9. Ensure that the Page display button is highlighted at the top left of the screen
10. Click on Path in the Page settings box, change the path to article-comments-recent, and click the Apply button
11. At the top of the page click the Block display button
12. Click the none link beside Block name in the Block settings box, enter Recent articles comments view as the block name, and click the Apply button
13. [correct as printed]
14. [correct as printed]

Chapter 2

Creating bulleted lists using multiple content types

Page 46
6. "Check the box for Create a block" should read "Uncheck the box for Create a Page and check the box for Create a block"
7. "select HTML list, titles, without links, and without comments" should read "select HTML list and titles

Page 47
6. "Apply and configure sort criteria button" should read "Apply button, and click Apply again on the subsequent popup"
8. Should read: Click on the HTML list link in the Format pane, change the formatting to Table, and click Apply. Set Group 1 to Type and click Apply.
10. Should read: Use aggregation in the Other pane of the Advanced section. Check the Aggregation checkbox, and click on the Apply button.


Chapter 3

Grouping in a query

Page 63
1. "Enter department_Enter Department course_list" should read "Enter Department course list"
Page 65
1. "Enter Real  estate_flier" should read "Enter Real estate flier"
Page 67
1. "Enter Custom node_links" should read "Enter Custom node links"