Book Review: Visual Quickstart Guide Drupal 7

I actually started this review of Visual Quickstart Guide Drupal 7 by Tom Geller (Peachpit Press) with some trepidation. You see, it has been quite some time (epochs) since I was a noob, not that there's anything wrong with being a noob! It's just that I felt to do justice to those reading a review, I need to review it from the standpoint of a reader who is depending on the material, and yet, to do so, I need to understand what someone with little Drupal experience will find useful, so really, I needed to be of two minds while digesting Geller's writing.

Major Major and Drupal 7

Considering I haven't contributed a line of code (yet) to core, I hate to say anything critical, but I noticed that Drupal 7 is displaying a "read-more" link for every teaser, even those in which all the content is being displayed. Having someone click a link to read more, when clicking the link provides no additional content is...deceptive, at the least, and probably aggravating too.

Swapping OpenJDK for Sun JDK on Ubuntu

Recently I installed PhpStorm on Ubuntu that requires Sun JDK rather than the OpenJDK that Ubuntu installs with. It wasn't a matter of it running better with the Sun solution, which is doesn't run at all with OpenJDK. I tried simply uninstalling OpenJDK and installing Sun's JDK, but that didn't work...there were missing headers, etc., cryptic messages to a Linux n00b. I did find the solution, though, and am posting it here to make someone else's life easier.