(W-2) Freelancing - Be careful how you cast!

It is becoming ever more popular for agencies to insist on your being paid as a W-2 rather than a 1099. Does it matter? Oh, yeah! 

Sure, it's just a project. 3-months. 6-months, so evern though you're receiving a W-2, you're not really an employee, right? Wrong. The situation is temporary, but that just means you're a temporary employee. As far as the IRS is concerned, if you receive a W-2 you are an employee. There are 'test' scenarios to determine if you are really a contractor when receiving a 1099, but when you're being paid via W-2, the guessing has been removed.

Maturity is great, to a point, for wine, cheese and men, but not for jQuery 1.2.6

Drupal 6 has jQuery 1.2.6 somewhat hardwired. The jQuery update module can get you to 1.3.2, still a long way from the current version. Drupal 7 has hook_js_alter, which will allow you to conditionally override the built-in version.

If you're looking to do some UX magic and want the latest greatest version, you can do the following: