PhpStorm and xdebug in the browser - the missing instruction

I spent the usual two lifetimes getting xdebug working (again) after upgrading to a new major version of phpStorm. Finally, I could debug a standalone php script in the IDE, but all attempts to do so from the browser were fruitless.

It turns out that phpStorm and the browser were using different versions of php.

Things to do (note that I am using Macports):

Curing a Domain's Split Personality

Are you stymied by mydomain.com and www. mydomain.com ending up in different places, even though they should not? If your domain is on a server that uses Apache, and if you have access to the Apache directory (typically /etc/apache2), then it could be an easy fix.

In the Apache available sites directory (/etc/apache2/sites-available) should be an entry for each domain hosted on the server. It's common to copy and paste an existing one domain as a template for another.

Editing the file /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/mydomain.com shows the following:

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