MacPorts and The server quit without updating PID file

I just upgraded from OS X Mavericks to Yosemite, and then went through the process of updating my MacPorts ports. Everything went cleanly until I tried to start MySQL. I received the message:

The server quit without updating PID

Searching for an answer gave plenty of articles suggesting that the file mentioned after that error message needed to be created, that permissions were wrong, and other things surrounding issues regarding the pid file. None of those turned out to be the cause.

PhpStorm, OS X, Macports and the Hunt for php-cgi

I love PhpStorm, but even though I've been using it forever, much of it remains a mystery. The latest problem I had was getting it to work with xdebug in the browser (again) after upgrading to version 8.  This turned out not to be a PhpStorm issue (see content/phpstorm-and-xdebug-browser-missing-instruction), but the time and effort it took to resolve revealed again that, often, the PhpStorm help file is all but helpful. 

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