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Drupal 7 Beta 1 Released

I was starting to lose hope when Alpha 5 came out, and was despondent by the time Alpha 7 did. I'm plugging along with the book, half way through the first draft, but at least 25% will need to be revisited to complete examples that hit brick walls because of things just not working as they should, yet, such as custom fields not appearing in the Views sort criteria field list.

The Bleeding Edge

Some would say that I'm crazy using Drupal 7 Alpha 5 to relaunch my blog, but I needed D7 up and running for the new book anyway, and some would say anyone who has churned out code as long as me must be crazy anyway, so it doesn't much matter. Sure, it's bleeding edge, and not ready for prime time, but it works well enough at this point, and a couple months some daytime soaps won't kill anyone.

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