It is one thing to be brought into a project as a team player, where the project is managed or you are delivering a predefined piece of it. However, that is typically not the way things happen 

Surely you remember the Winter of ’13 ... but what parallels can this possibly have with Drupal 8? Strap on your tire chains…here we go!

No, dear readers, this isn’t a tale of a sunken initiative with a payload that threatens the rest of core, though darn, that would’ve been good! This is a tale that I hope will entertain those already moist in Drupal droplets, while informing the dry newbies among us.

By now, you’ve no doubt been marinated in technical articles about security, to the point of being pickled in terminology and saucy advice. It’s too much! With all due respect to my fellow writers, most of what you need to know about security for your Drupal site you have already learned from your dad (or mom or granddad...) like I did, even though my dad never learned to use a computer, never heard of Drupal.

I had my ear pierced today. Ow! All right, I concede that on a scale of one-to-ten, the pain measured only two, two-point-five, but that moment when the burly employee in the Claire’s smock assaulted my earlobe with a nail gun, it did hurt.

pan•de•mo•ni•um /ˌpændəˈmoʊniəm/ noun 1. Wild uproar or unrestrained disorder, tumult or chaos. 2. The initial phase of a Drupal project that is not self-contained.

As Drupal developers discover fairly early on, you can have a top-class web site without the Views module, but unless you are going to duplicate portions of what it does, your options without it will be limited.

I found myself having difficulty selecting a topic for this inaugural edition, sometimes a broad brush with a wide swath makes it challenging to focus. Then, the phone rang.

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