It takes a village to raise a web site. Well, this one isn't large enough to require a village... a hamlet!  It takes a village hamlet to raise a web site, so here are shout-outs to my hamlet for their tutelage and/or assistance.


Roll Credits


css/qa James Mejia
for answering several instances of "why doesn't this work?" ... particularly with regards to flipping cards and flexbox, and for beneficial design nitpicking.
pattern lab Chaz Chumley
for reaching into my head and wrapping my brain around the linkage between Drupal and Pattern Lab.
drupal back-end 4x4
on Drupal StackExchange for answering several thorny (for me) questions about things not working the way they should.
qa Vera Lyalko
for finding things to which I was blind after a year of staring.
ux Kelly Bell
for being my trusted arbiter of "yay!" or "this sucks!"
design/palette Aileen Greenberg
for having such great intuition about what looks good and behaves well.