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Simple steps to creating a D10 instance using ddev.
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Tip Articles

Comment Counts in Twig - 2019 Aug 13
roundDown for php - 2014 Dec 9
On Being a Blockhead - 2010 Jul 8
No Soup for You! - 2010 Jun 18
Beta version 1 of a new contributed module Bill of Lading (BOL) has been released. This first incarnation adds a drush command, bol, which generates a list of a D10 site's Drupal structures.
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Create a drush script to remove nodes based on a predictable criterion.
Speaking gibberish

While working on the latest (D10) version of my blog, I wanted to add multilingual functionality.

Investigation suggested that in order to capture the largest language groups in the U.S./Canada a site should offer:

Dec 31, 2020

Switch to Match

PHP 8 introduces the match expression, a different take on the switch statement.

Here's my 2024 reading list at this point:

Digital Marketing with Drupal - Build a digital marketing platform on Drupal
The Design of Sites - Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites
Envisioning Information - Superb displays of high-dimensional complex data.
Don't Make Me Think - A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
The Elements of User Experience - User-Centered Design for the Web
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