The Bleeding Edge

Some would say that I'm crazy using Drupal 7 Alpha 5 to relaunch my blog, but I needed D7 up and running for the new book anyway, and some would say anyone who has churned out code as long as me must be crazy anyway, so it doesn't much matter. Sure, it's bleeding edge, and not ready for prime time, but it works well enough at this point, and a couple months of some daytime soaps won't kill anyone.

I just started work on D7 Views Recipes for Packt, which I'm excited about. It will be crammed with examples of views using Views 3 that the reader can create quickly from the steps given, without needing to establish any other context. That is, it's not a beginning-to-end book, but point-and-shoot, or, in this case, point-and-create.

The main problem is the lack of any data migration tool at this point. I'm sure something is in the plan, but seeing no mention of D7 in the project description of the node_export and node_import modules, as opposed to a D7 development snapshot of each, led me to realize that it was going to be a manual migration.

It's a good thing that I haven't had time to be prolific up to this point. And for now, I'll have to tweet manually, which is more akin to the non-Twitter version of tweeting!

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