D6 Attachment Views Errata

Please find here corrections to errors and omissions that slipped by. My sincere apologies for any aggravation you've experienced.

Chapter Page Issue Resolution
5 121 Regarding the configuration for "Content: Projects affiliation Field_projects_affiliation was meant to be a node reference field, that would have allowed the bio node to refer to job nodes. It was decided that this wasn't needed, and the subsequent attachment display, Job Attachment.
5 126 The instructions say to tick Content: Project Manager. The field is not listed. The field was omitted in the appendix instructions for creating the Job content type. They are:
  1. Edit the Job content type fields in admin/content/node-type/job/fields
  2. Add a new field:
    • Label: Project Manager
    • Field name: [field_] project_manager
    • Type: Node reference
    • Widget: Select list
  3. In the field configuration, for Content types that can be referenced, select Bio

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