Drupal 7 - A Baker's Dozen!

Boiling down the zillion hours of D7 development into a short list of important changes isn't practical, so consider this a starting point rather than a comprehensive list.

  1. AHAH functionality without touching the underlying JavaScript
  2. An Admin role, based on Drupal user roles, that automatically receives permissions for any roles added subsequently
  3. A permissions API
  4. Fields (think CCK), including file, taxonomy term and image fields
  5. Rendered output is now returned to the callback function as an array instead of a string
  6. Calls to allow the orderly editing of added page Javascript/JQuery
  7. Securely install and update modules from within Drupal
  8. Poor Man's Cron
  9. Modules can alter URL's
  10. File and Storage API for robust file handling

And a bonus to make it a baker's dozen. An mention of changes that spell huge additional promise for Drupal ... support for RDF and a CDN!

Based on the article More Than 50 Drupal Modules Moved Into Drupal 7 by Daniel F. Kudwien.

Of course, the Drupal Community isn't the only place to give back. It's a complex world, and there are as many worthy causes as their are melodies, with most being served by multiple charitable organizations. Here are a few of those that strike a 7th chord with me.