No T-Shirt For You!


The mind boggles. Well, at least mine does. The recent decision from the Drupal Association is that if you're not either a member or a volunteer at the Vienna Drupalcon, no t-shirt for you! (The full rules are here)

Really?! I get a free t-shirt in every race I run with only a $25 entry fee. How do they do that? Simple...bulk t-shirt purchases bring the price down to under $3 per shirt. Even if I give the benefit of the doubt that there is a cotton shortage in Austria and with that and the more expensive Drupal ink, the shirts will cost $10 each, how about raising the registration fee by $10??

Give Drupal Association members (full disclosure...I'm one) some other perk... this is a Drupal event ... using the marketing keepsake from it to create an elite class seems counterintuitive for open source.


Of course, the Drupal Community isn't the only place to give back. It's a complex world, and there are as many worthy causes as their are melodies, with most being served by multiple charitable organizations. Here are a few of those that strike a 7th chord with me.