Where is my Drupal View pager??

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I created a view the other day, a simple view with one display, and change the Pager setting to Full. I had the view set for 50 records per page, and there were hundreds of records. When the first page loaded, there was no pager present. And so began the head scratching. I created a high level template (views-view--mypage.tpl.php) and dumped the $pager variable, preceded by *****. All I had on my output was *****. It would've been nice if I had a CSS display:none for the pager, but that's not the case. So, what's the answer? It's that field that I had always ignored in the pager dialog, Pager element. The idea behind this field is that if you have more than one pager on the page, you need to change the index of the view pager so that it doesn't conflict. However, as I stated, this was a simple view. I did not have more than one display, so not more than one pager. And I had no other views on my screen. Why would there be another pager? Comments. If comments are enabled for the nodes being viewed, for example, the comment mechanism provides a pager. I set the Pager element to 1, and voilĂ , the pager appeared.

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