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Simple steps to creating a D10 instance using ddev.
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Tip Articles

Comment Counts in Twig - 2019 Aug 13
roundDown for php - 2014 Dec 9
On Being a Blockhead - 2010 Jul 8
No Soup for You! - 2010 Jun 18
Doppelganger stick figures with one crossed out with a red X.
Create a drush script to remove nodes based on a predictable criterion.
Don't Panic! Presentation Graphic
Drupal GovCon and The Accidental Coder returned Nov 2023, live once again.
Dec 31, 2020

A New Hope

2021 loading like an app
New Year's Eve. With this anno horribilis almost in the rearview mirror, my thoughts turn to 2021, and hope springs eternal.
Dec 31, 2020

Switch to Match

PHP 8 introduces the match expression, a different take on the switch statement.

Here's some of what I'm experimenting with:

Laravel Bootcamp - Learning Laravel / Livewire
Drupal SDC - Single Directory Components
Layout Paragraphs - Enabling creativity for editors
simplesamlphp - SAML as an IDP
Search API AI - Using generative AI for advanced searching
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