Updating to Drupal 8.5 with Composer

I ran into the usual situation of Composer hair-pulling when updating to Drupal 8.5.

I received errors related to Symfony 3.2.14 not being the release needed. And so it turns out, that Symfony 3.4.5 is the release being used.

The problem was a Catch-22. Composer did not want to update Symfony because someone was requiring 3.2.14. 

I tried updating individually, requiring, even updating both at the same time, but in the end, what worked for me was the following:

  • Edit composer.lock in the Drupal root and search/replace 3.2.14 with 3.4.5
  • composer require drupal/core:~8.5 --with-dependencies

The result is Composer and its components being updated to 3.4.5 and Drupal happily updating to 8.5.

Of course, the Drupal Community isn't the only place to give back. It's a complex world, and there are as many worthy causes as their are melodies, with most being served by multiple charitable organizations. Here are a few of those that strike a 7th chord with me.