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I'm a Drupal Architect and developer. I've been a software developer since all mice had fur, "front-end" and "back-end" primarily related to horses, and blue tooth was something you got from eating raspberry Italian ice. There's a line in the ether between undiscovered wisdom and uncorrected folly. Feel free to have a poke around and note you might find either.

Drupal Association individual member

There was a time not too long ago that I thought this book would never make it to the shelves.

A colleague of mine recently discovered the numerous benefits of using Drush to manage Drupal implementations. Here's how to install it.

Sometimes you want to add menu items that can only be accessed if the user is logged in.

I actually started this review of Visual Quickstart Guide Drupal 7 by Tom Geller (Peachpit Press) with some trepidation...

Maybe D7 is in need of a little less read-more!

The Farmisht Freelancer, a column for the (oft irreverent) discussion of all things related to being in the business of developing,

Recently I installed PhpStorm on Ubuntu that requires Sun JDK rather than the OpenJDK that Ubuntu installs with

I've been through more IDE's than I can remember, but I may have stumbled onto a winner.

What I've been reading

A great article on Object Oriented Design by Uncle Bob.

Of course, the Drupal Community isn't the only place to give back. It's a complex world, and there are as many worthy causes as their are melodies, with most being served by multiple charitable organizations. Here are a few of those that strike a 7th chord with me.