Drupal 6 Attachment Views

16 May, 2024
On shelves now, by J. Ayen Green of Ayen Designs. If you are a Drupal developer of any level and you are waiting to explore Attachment Views, then this book is for you.


...Green's book is without a doubt the definitive practical guide to using the Views 2.x module in Drupal 6...

-Trevor James

What you will get from this book

  • Quickly learn about painlessly increasing the functionality of your Drupal 6 web site
  • Get more from your Views than you thought possible
  • Topics provide rapid instruction and results
  • Concise, targeted information rather than voluminous reference material
  • An informal, interactive style
  • Provide more functionality to your site visitors without a technology change
  • Create composite displays to increase and vary the information you can provide
  • Enable dynamic displays using multiple content types, so that related content can be displayed simultaneously
  • Develop views with record menus
  • Create static and interactive displays, to provide additional information to the user

Book Details

Language English
Paperback 300 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ]
Release date February 2010
ISBN 1849510806
ISBN 13 978-1-849510-80-6
Author(s) J. Ayen Green
Topics and Technologies Views, Content Management, Open Source, Drupal


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